Terpsichore, terpsichory:
ORIGIN: Greek, literally ‘delighting in dancing

Getting the urge to “trip the light fantastic”?  Is Dancing a way of life for you and even on vacation you must find a way to get your “Fred and Ginger”– on? Want to learn a dance step or two while you’re here?  A little worried that the only terpsichory here on the island belongs to those in grass skirts and extremely fluid hips?

Not to worry, because Kauai’s dance community is ‘alive and kickin’.   Whether it be tango, salsa, hip-hop, ballet or a good ‘ol hoe-down line dance – you can find it here on the Garden Isle.

Ballroom, Swing and Line Dancing…

One of the best places to start your search for your night of ‘Footloose-ery’ is to visit  KoloaDance.com for schedules and locations for many of the hot dance spots on the island.  If you have questions contact  koloadance@gmail.com.   If you are frequent visitor or resident, you may want to subscribe to the Kauai Dancing weekly newsletter – you can sign up here:  kauaidancing@gmail.com.


The tango community on Kauai is strong and vital.  So whether you are wanting a place to go and learn or attend a milonga (a place or an event where tango is danced), or both, check out Tango Kauai.

Dancing Venues on Kauai

Visit Rob’s Good Times Grill the Lihue hotspot for dance on Tuesday and Thursday nights.  Tree’s Lounge in Kapaa is another venue for weekly dance and music.

Check out The Kauai Dancing Blog as well as Kauai Dancing on You Tube for some fun videos of the island’s ballroom scene just to whet your appetite.

So put on your dancin’ shoes and step out tonight to “cut a rug” Island style!  Kauai has a dance floor waiting for you!