Healthy Hut Kauai

Healthy Hut produce

People always ask me where I go to eat and shop. So today I’d like to tell you about one of my favorite places, Kilauea, “the biggest little town on the North Shore.”

If you take the turn off by the Chevron Station heading for the Kilauea Lighthouse, you’ll see historic stone buildings on three corners of the main intersection at Keneke Street (okay, it’s just about the only intersection). That’s downtown Kilauea, and in the first building on the left, I love, love, love Oskar’sa little clothing store I always hit for birthday gifts (their baby clothes are adorable) and it’s where I buy most of my own clothes, too.

Healthy Hut—I always pick up a bag of organic salad greens – sold in bulk for $12.99/lb, way cheaper than buying it pre-bagged at the grocery store.

The Ahi Wrap is Awesome!

If we’re picking up dinner, the Kilauea Fish Market behind Oskar’s has a delicious ahi fish wrap made with fresh ahi, brown rice, organic greens and sesame dressing, and my husband Zack always gets the Korean chicken plate.

If  we’re in the mood for pizza, we head across the street to Pau Hana Pizza (a.k.a. Kilauea Bakery). We usually order a chicken veggie pizza, pick up two lemon bars for dessert, and we’re good to go!

P.S. While I’m waiting for the pizza I dash in to see what’s new at Cake, a fabulous consignment shop above the Kong Lung Trading Company!