Grandpa Mike & the Boys

My family has a pretty ‘typical Saturday’… the morning starts at Java Kai, the local Hanalei coffee shop where mom gets her morning espresso and the boys get the usual, Kauai Waffle (home-made waffles with fresh fruit, whip cream, toasted coconut and macadamia nuts).  Next stop on the list, the Hanalei Farmer’s Market… heheheee, my favorite!  We walk the rows &  load up on organic salad mixes, sprouts, apple bananas, mangoes, papayas, white pineapple, lychee... wheewww, all that shopping, hot sun and thirsty mouths lead us straight to the last fruit stand,  the Acai Lady!!

Saturday Farmer's Market

Frozen and pureed Acai berries mixed with pineapple and topped with sweet granola and bananas… next place on the list, THE BEACH!  Today, we went to Pine Trees, dead-center on Hanalei Bay… boogie boarding, body surfing, swimming, crab-hunting, sandcastles, you name we did it…

Hot, tired and thirsty boys… hmmm, shave ice anyone?  Shave Ice Paradise in the middle of Hanalei Town is our last pit stop before the drive home (lychee & pineapple flavors with vanilla ice-cream, winner to the max!!)… what a day, two tired kids latter with smiles from ear to ear we are all ready for a very mellow evening in… AND BED!

Summer on Hanalei Bay

Cousins on the Town (Hanalei)