waiola_shave_ice_firstpicOne treat everyone should try on Kauai is Shave Ice.  Lest you be confused, shave ice is not a snow cone.  Snow cones are made from crushed ice with a little fruit syrup sprinkled on.  True Kauai style shave ice (that’s shave, not shaved) uses a sharp blade to literally “shave” a large block of ice, creating an infinitely fine powder.  (Keeping the blade sharp is vital.) Add to this copious amounts of exotic fruit flavors, put it all on top of a big scoop of ice cream, and you have an Kauai island delight that is truly ‘broke da mouf’.  In my  family’s constant quest to fine the best shave ice possible , we have unselfishly tried nearly every combination of shave ice.  The result: My family recommends the rainbow shave ice with macadamia nut ice cream.  But by all means, engage in research of your own to see if you can come up with a better combination.  The best shave ice on the island is at Paradise Shave Ice and Wishing Well Shave Ice, both in Hanalei, Jo-Jo’s Clubhouse in Waimea and Halo Halo Shave Ice in Lihu’e.  Have fun testing out all the flavors and let us  know which was your favorite…. Have fun!